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This is a project for brooks of life ministries Int. And deals with children with “Hearing Impairment living in the poorest communities in Thika Town and its surrounding regions, in Kiambu County which is in Kenya (Africa)

In Thika Sub-County there is no institution offering services for school going children (ages 6-18 years) with Hearing Impairment. Children of this age in Thika County can only get these services from Kambui School which is over enrolled and it is the only institution offering these services in greater Kiambu County.

In the year 2016 a Hearing Impairment Assessment Baseline Survey was conducted by the Kenya Ministry of Education which shows that Thika Sub-County had 120 children with “Hearing Impairment”

Unfortunately, Kambui School can only admit forty children per year. This leaves many children without school and support.

To minimise this problem Brooks of life started “Can you hear me project” in aid to support the children with Hearing Impairment” We are currently raising funds to buy land and build school in support of this children.

Our aim is to raise five hundred thousand pounds (£500,000) to buy land and build initial classes which we believe will make a real difference in the lives of this group of children through following ways:

  • Will put an institution with tuition facilities
  • Acquisition of specialized-learning materials
  • Acquisition of co-curricular activities equipment e.g. sporting
  • Acquisition of a school van to facilitate movement during education tours and co-curricular activities.
  • Training in media to boost their self-esteem and confidence among these children.
  • The media training will also help them know they have an audience and that there is a way of telling their stories and experiences.
  • The ability to express themselves will have a long life benefit.


To enable a better quality of life for people who are deaf, focusing on the person rather than the disability.

Deaf Awareness:

“Working and Communicating Well with Deaf People”


  • To promote equality of opportunity for all
  • Use of total communication at all times.
  • To be open in our decision making, using consultation to inform our work.
  • To value everyone’s contribution.
  • To work together as one organisation.
  • Working professionally, driven by our charitable ethos


Promoting Independence –

Helping deaf and visually impaired people to choose equipment that will help them in their daily routines, and also help keep them safe. Providing information, advocacy and advice that facilitates their full participation in society.

Developing Potential –

Supporting clients into employment / their own businesses, and helping those already in employment to further develop their careers and prospects. Providing skills training and volunteering opportunities.

Promoting Wellbeing –

Providing social and cultural opportunities to overcome isolation. Providing health workshops and materials.

Promoting Social Change and Understanding –

Working to improve awareness of deaf and visually impaired people’s needs. Working with key decision makers to ensure that barriers to the achievement of social and economic potential are dismantled.

Deaf Awareness - 

Deafness is the third most common disability in the world, but you probably wouldn't spot a deaf person in a crowd. ... It's important to realise is that people aren't simply either deaf or hearing. There are varying degrees of deafness, from being hard of hearing to being profoundly deaf.



Communication and community are a hugely important part of life. Deaf people are cut-off from the usual forms of communicating – a shout of warning, hearing your name at the doctors, over-hearing information in the street, or a passing word with a stranger.

It means deaf people can feel isolated and can find it hard to get information or help in an emergency. That’s part of the reason that deaf people are twice as likely as hearing people to be affected by depression, anxiety and similar problems.

As a deaf person you rely on your eyes for clues to what people are saying or feeling, and you rely on other clues like vibrations in floors to be aware of what is going on around you. Often other people will change the way they act towards you, because they are irritated that they have to repeat themselves, or are frustrated that you don’t understand them.



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